The Personal Finance Podcast

Great Financial Podcast!

Andrew does a great job presenting a valuable variety of financial topics, education and guests.

He makes the show exciting with his enthusiasm and episode format.

He is well studied and continues to develop himself through learning from others and his personal experiences.

Highly recommended podcast.

What I really also like is that Andrew shows the value of both stock market investing, moving up as an employee and increasing one’s income and small business/ private investing / self employed endeavors.

Too often shows are either pro stock market and employee centric or anti employee (JOB = just under broke) and preach the way to wealth is through escaping being an employee and having leverage in business.

It’s refreshing to hear from Andrew his perspective and input and encouraging the listener to make decisions based on their risk tolerance, values and life objectives.

And reaffirming that so many paths can be successful.

March 19, 2023 by jberlin2 on Apple Podcasts

The Personal Finance Podcast