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Breaking it down!!!

I recently found this podcast and have been hooked since. I consider myself pretty frugal, but have not been putting my money to work for me. Even though I was/am saving my money was sitting there. Andrew and his suggestions give me hope that my wife and I can retire on time/early, provide a stable financial life for our kids, and be generous with our money. I have more hope but also directions of where my money should be and how it should be working. Thank you Andrew. Also go head and subscribe, listen to your hearts content!

Amazing podcast

Andrew is an extremely knowledgeable guy who cuts all of the ridiculous tactics out and tells you how to save and invest in ways that won’t burn you out. He is honest and upfront which is admirable and he clearly does it because it is his passion to help people grow more.

Life changing

I started listening to this podcast over the past couple months and found myself realizing I’m leaving so much money on the table. In the past two weeks alone, my savings have increased and my budget is organized and I am, FINALLY, feeling confident about my financial decisions. In addition to that, I have realized what I want to do when I retire and how I can eventually get there. Looking forward to more episodes and insights!

Genuine and Real

I listen to so many podcasts and read a lot of personal finance resources but the way Andrew presents advice is so genuine, relatable and non judge mental. He motivates me to do better and he will motivate you too!

Clean, crisp & clear!

I enjoy this podcast. Great financial information, tips and content delivered in a clear, concise and fun package. Keep going!

Great Advice

I’ve listened to tons of different finance podcasts and have never heard direct and honest advice like this. Andrew covers the most effective and reliable ways to get wealthy. Looking forward to more episodes!

Great Podcast!

This podcast has changed my life ! I look forward to new episodes every week . The retirement episode was one of my favorites .

personal finance podcast

So glad I found podcast! Working in an entry level role, I wanted help figuring out how to maximize my income and Andrew shares amazing tips and he makes it all easy to understand. I feel more confident and motivated when it comes to investing and budgeting

Eye Opening

Truly a great find, at the very least Andrew reassured some plans/habits that I already had and made me way more comfortable being in my low 20s, as well as learning a ton of new stuff a long the way. If you want to better your situation, take a listen

One of the best!

I started listening to this podcast a few weeks ago and I listen to every new episode that comes out. The advice is practical, especially for millennials!

So simple, yet learned so much

I’ve listened to three of the podcasts and have learned so much. The information is so simple that you say to yourself, “why didn’t I think of that before?”

Incredible Insight

This podcast has been so informative and helpful as I transition from college to the "real world." I am in the midst of making huge decisions which will effect my life for years to come. This insight is so helpful in empowering myself and feeling less intimidated while navigating all these big money decisions.

Super informative and easy to understand!

I’m a 17 year old, about to move out, and this podcasts has made me feel a lot more secure about good financial goals, and where to invest in the future!

Funny and informative

Andrew delivers smart personal finance information alongside randomly hilarious one-liners in this podcast! I’ll be listening intently soaking up all the knowledge, then all the sudden he’ll drop “so what if your roof caves in on you while you’re reading a magazine?” 🤔🤣and I’m belly-laughing. His humor keeps a usually somewhat dry topic of personal finance interesting!


Inspiring, entertaining and valuable. As someone who is looking to learn more to become financially independent Andrew definitely helps you lay out the ground work. Not only does he tell you what you need to do but why it’s important as well. Can’t wait for more episodes!

Finance for Millennials and beyond

Andrew’s podcast is so helpful when it comes to the personal finance question of “where do I start?” I followed his blog and am so excited to have a podcast to listen to on my subway ride to work. With student debt, savings, and hacking the credit card points tips his blog offers, I can’t wait to hear more and walk off the train applying the practical and easy advice he shares.

Just What I Needed!

Great podcast! Love the enthusiasm this guy brings! Thinking about financials can be daunting for some people but Andrew makes it easy and enjoyable! I can’t wait for future episodes and to talk some more financials!!

Smart & Fun & Beneficial

Fantastic delivery and discussion of topics that are relevant and beneficial for everyone.

Finance pod that gets me pumped!

I love Andrew’s take on personal finance. Love the way it caters to a younger demographic. Love the way he makes something that might be so overwhelming for young investors - simple and sensical. Love the fact that’s it’s a short listen but packed with great info. I’m “long” on this podcast investment.

Love this podcast!!

So informative and understandable for people that aren’t financial gurus like me. I’ve already learned so much and had a few laughs as well!

Best Podcast for Money and Finances

This is truly an outstanding financial podcast. You can truly learn so much from it and still laugh while talking about a budget! I would recommend this podcast to everyone at every stage of life.


This is a fantastic podcast that offers great insights on how to maximize your value and reach your full financial potential. I’m learning a ton and laughing along the way!

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Very direct, to the point podcast. While many financial podcasts feel long and tedious, this is extremely informative and fun at the same time.

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom: YOU get to make life decisions without being overly stressed about the financial impacts because you are prepared. You control your finances instead of being controlled by them. That’s where this guy is trying to get you.

Great Podcast!

I love the positivity and easy to follow advice. Breaking it all down to simple numbers and steps gets me fired up to save & invest more. Can’t wait for future episodes!

Easy to listen and follow along

Great podcast for someone who is wanting to start saving and having their money work for them!

Do yourself a favor

Give this financial podcast a listen and learn how to actually grow wealth. The breakdowns and details make earning fun and informative. Never in my life would I think to myself: “I can’t wait for the next financial podcast episode.” Until now. Have a listen, have some laughs, enjoy the personal finance podcast.

Fun, Informative Listen

He takes what can be a bit of a boring topic and adds his own personal flair to it for a really enjoyable listen. He has fun with it while being knowledgeable on what he addresses. Would recommend to anyone who has a hard time getting through other finance podcasts like I do.

Feeling wealthier already!

Andrew’s knowledge and vigor for all things personal finance make this an instant winner. Excited for more episodes!

Best money podcast

This podcast has made me excited about saving money and growing the money I already have. Highly recommend!