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Explains topics well!

Love listening to his topics from child care to even an IUL,which i almost was tempted to open up and now i may wait and do more research.

Worth the listen!

Good content, relevant topics and questions, and efficient and effective personal finance coaching.

Sometimes helpful, but unrealistic for many

The show provides a lot of good info. But I think a lot of the advice is unrealistic for people who live in a high cost of living area. Stating that someone should never pay more than 30% of net income for housing is totally unrealistic for someone in San Francisco, DC, NYC, etc. I make well over 100k and that math would mean I couldn’t afford the average one bedroom apartment. And the host here literally says if you can’t make 30% work, you need to earn more money. So, when I make 200k I can maybe afford a 1 bedroom plus den? Is that the logic here? The math does. not. work. in big cities. I wish more finance people actually used realistic math and weren’t so prescriptive. Also, using net income to determine what you can afford, and then assuming if you go over 30% spending you won’t be saving enough, ignores the fact that net income will go down the more you save pretax (HSA/FSA, 401k, etc).

Love this podcast

Great content

Simple personal finance info

Simple yet practical personal finance info. Andrew does a great job of relaying hard to understand personal finance info into an easy to understand format. His podcasts are typically around 30 minutes so easy to listen to if you’re on the go which most people are. Would recommend to anyone looking to improve their personal finance knowledge.

Very practical investing advice.

I came across this podcast because I was looking to increase my financial knowledge listening while I work. Gave him a shot and he did not disappoint. He is entertaining, energetic all while increasing own investment in yourself. My only “con” is I wish the podcast were longer, because they are so informative and grabs my attention. So good job, Andrew! Keep up the great work! You have another addition to your audience.

Top 5

I’ve been listening for quite awhile now. This is one of my favorite podcasts

Love it

High energy. Smart approach. Not over complicated. Discusses the things that are important to me.

Very helpful!

One of my favorite personal finance podcasts

Love it!

I’m really enjoying listening to this podcast and am learning a ton on how to invest for my family’s future!

How to Generate a Second Income with YouTube /Graham Cochrane

So much great content for entrepreneurs in this episode even if you don’t want to use YouTube! I’m a bit stuck with my current business model and this episode set off some SPARKS!! Lots of notes - thanks so much!

Great Financial Podcast!

Andrew does a great job presenting a valuable variety of financial topics, education and guests. He makes the show exciting with his enthusiasm and episode format. He is well studied and continues to develop himself through learning from others and his personal experiences. Highly recommended podcast. What I really also like is that Andrew shows the value of both stock market investing, moving up as an employee and increasing one’s income and small business/ private investing / self employed endeavors. Too often shows are either pro stock market and employee centric or anti employee (JOB = just under broke) and preach the way to wealth is through escaping being an employee and having leverage in business. It’s refreshing to hear from Andrew his perspective and input and encouraging the listener to make decisions based on their risk tolerance, values and life objectives. And reaffirming that so many paths can be successful.

Practical advice skewed toward younger audience

I like Andrew’s podcast but I find that I would skip some of his shows because he interviewed folks who made a lot of money doing something that I find I cannot relate nor could emulate. A lot of his shows will work for those listeners who are a lot younger than me (who is staring at retirement in 10 years, God willing). Maybe I am not his targeted audience, but I still find his shows educational and entertaining.

Listen to everyday during work

I work in a data center so we want to cover our ears to prevent damage which makes it easy to listen and work to this podcast. I love it! This podcast explains the steps to help with finances in such an achievable way. I have been using each podcast to help me with my own finances that seem out of my control. Still struggling but this podcast has been informative and soo helpful. Thank you

I listen every morning

This is my new way to start the day! I make sure to bring my headphones to the gym just to listen to this podcast. I’ve even started following some of the people that have been on this podcast. Super useful information and great energy!

Want you need to know…

Just awesome. You need to make money work for you and having never learned anything about investing this is a great place to start.

Good content

Overall good content, not a fan of the ever increasing commercials though.

Say something else

First off great podcast, love the intention, the values, the message, the interviews etc. However, the host says “I love that” or “I absolutely love that” 900 times per episode. My wife pointed it out to me and now I cannot not hear it anymore.

The Best!

I am working on being the first individual in my family to build generational wealth and I listen to this podcast daily. He breaks down everything into simple steps and I now have a plan for my financial future.

Straightforward and Easy to Listen To

Andrew is all about generational wealth and helping people just have a better life. Subscribe! You won’t be disappointed.


Love the help navigating a diverse world of finances and investing!

New favorite financial podcast!

This podcast is very informative and motivating on your journey to financial independence.

Love it

Love the podcast and have learned so much but can’t stand how often you say “as well”

Easy to understand

I kept searching for a show that was easy to understand. I just listened to episode 176 (the latest episode as of today) and definitely found a lot of value in that episode as someone who is trying to come up with a plan to become financially independent. You get a step by step layout of what you need to know, look out for & work towards. 10/10

The Best Finance Podcast!

I just finished listening to the latest episode of The Personal Finance Podcast and I have to say, it's one of the best finance podcasts out there. Andrew does an excellent job of breaking down complex financial concepts and making them easy to understand. The guests always provide valuable insights, and I appreciate the practical advice in each episode. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking to learn more about the latest trends in the world of finance!

Amazing and simple

Keeps it simple and easy to listen to. Not as boring and dry as some other financial podcasts I have listened to. Great length and topics. Been listening to him for almost 2 years. Definitely recommend!

Extremely useful!

I wish I would have listened to this podcast 20 years ago! Amazing insights. I’m recommending this to ANYONE who will listen to me! Take 30 minutes a day on your workout or commute and listen to the personal finance podcast :)

Very good- motivational

Whatever podcast player you love listening to this podcast “on”. Man… listening to this podcast to? I love ya but fix that!

Ya boy gets 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I just finished college and now starting my personal financial growth journey. This podcast has help me understand how to build my wealth and has really encouraged me get started. I actually don’t mind the commercials because I’ve actually signed up for mint mobile and saved over $200 a month on my phone bill. I signed up for life insurance with policy genius as well. Since I’m just starting out, it’s really helpful to have all these awesome recommendations that saved me a ton of money! Thank you Andrew!! Ya boy definitely got my back!

Great for any level of learning

I started out with very little financial knowledge and love this podcast for the way Andrew is able to convey information. It’s very consumable while still being enjoyable to listen to. Amazing podcast all around