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Content is cluttered

Great content and I appreciate the newer focus on real estate. I listen while I commute and I wish I didn’t have 20% of the episode taken up by boring advertisements at the beginning and the middle, as well as the super long outro music. Other podcasts give me much more content for the same amount of time. I’m still a listener but this would definitely move up my rotation if it was streamlined a bit.

One of the best!

This is by far one of the best financial podcasts. His topics flow and are organized. Not a lot of blabbing on or filler talk. And his topics are relevant and information packed! Highly recommend!

Keeping it real!

Thank you for real life topics about finance. Keep charting the ways for us all to get wealth & more importantly, time freedom. I truly enjoy your podcasts, just wish you hade one daily to listen too. 😀💰🛥🏠💵

One of the best out here

Omg! He took one of the most prettifying topic of my generation and made it motivating and encouraging but not overwhelming. I love this dude. Great job! I’m really thankful for the knowledge you put out there that we are not given by the society or the family in my case.

Great communicator

I really enjoy listening to this podcast I find it very clear very easy to understand and most of all very knowledgeable I think the podcast host does a very good job explaining financial matters to the layman

Great podcast, right to the point!

I really enjoy this podcast, he is a good speaker, explains things very clearly and gets right to the point!

Motivational and Inspiring!

Andrew Giancola explores how guests approach their challenges and found answers along their journey to success. Truly inspiring, thank you.

Very helpful!

I just started listening to these podcasts & it makes me very motivated to start investing & paying off my debt! He’s very informative!

My first Finance podcast.

I got into personal finance related things because of the rich dad poor dad book and all the wealth of information I bought through books I would use at first and then I decided to search through some podcast to explore some shows that I might like to listen to while I work and I ended up on the personal finance podcast for my first one and I thoroughly enjoyed it and to this day I still enjoy it and I’m learning a lot so I gave it a five star rating because it is easy to listen to very informative and they do a great job!

Wow just a phenomenal podcast

Love this. Easy listening, cool host, young and enthusiastic. Highly recommend

Super informative!

This podcast is a must listen for anyone looking to enhance their financial strategies and improve their financial literacy. Andrew is highly knowledgeable and each episode provides valuable insights and information.

Perfect, Short, Clear, & Simple

Absolutely love this show. I recently discovered it and have been listening to it quite often. I love how short the episodes are. He’s not long winded and just ranting, he’s actually clear and simple and straight to the point. A podcast doesn’t have to be 1hr+ to get points across. I love how I am able to listen to multiple episodes in a day to catch up and not be too far behind. Keep it up!

Financial Growth

This podcast is brilliant. Clear, simple, effective!

Love the content

Listened to all of the episodes in about two weeks and wish there was more! I’m 21 and opened up a Roth IRA because do this podcast.

Yes to this

I started listening to this podcast a couple months ago after going through a divorce and having no real idea about money and how to invest it. I love this guy. He keeps things very simple. It’s great for a beginner. It’s almost like textbook learning. A lot of repetition but in the good way, where it’s really sinking in. Thank you Andrew!

This has changed my life.

This podcast has been amazing for me so far. I’m just a short week I have a completely new outlook on life. I now look at life from a different lens. It’s not as hard as I once thought. The main thing issue was just not knowing. Well this podcast takes care of that. I look forward to all the great pre recorded shows I need to listen to as well as staying current with the new ones. This has changed my life. Thank you.

Wealth of information

As someone figuring out their family finances later in the game (late 30’s) this podcast has given me so many tips and helpful hints to how I can support my family and prepare for all things the future holds. Love listening and look forward to each new episode.


More than happy as a young husband and father to listen and learn from this podcast! Highly reccomend to anyone, even as a refresher

Keeps me coming back for more

I’m 25 years old and this podcast has really opened my eyes to a lot. I’ve learned so much and have become eager to manage my finances responsibly. Thanks Andrew and keep up the great work!

Great podcast!!

I started listening from the first episode yesterday and I’m now on episode 13!! I’m loving this podcast! It’s giving me some great insights in what I have not done well in the past and what I can do now to improve my finances. Luckily I have saved in my 401k for the past 21 years so I have a decent amount in that account. Unfortunately that’s the only retirement saving I have. I’m currently 49 and have way more debt then I would like to admit. This podcast is helping me see a way out and that I still have time to join the FIRE. I love how Andrew explains things in simple ways that are easy to understand when you don’t have a masters degree in finance. Looking forward to listening to the rest of the episodes. I have also shared this with a few of my “young” coworkers and my wife 😊 Thanks for all the fantastic information Andrew!! Pam

Fun Financial Literacy Experience

I discovered your podcast a few weeks ago and wanted I am learning SO MUCH! Finance is an area of my life that I’ve always overlooked and this year I am determined to make progress! I am so grateful for this podcast and wish there was something like this 18 years ago! Andrew’s work is life changing and he makes the topic fun!

Wealth Building Magician

Absolutely love listening to this guy! He has taken all of my thoughts and questions I’ve ever had about budgeting, investing, and wealth building and slapped onto this podcast! Can’t thank him enough for what I’ve learned!

Great information in an understandable way

Absolutely a must listen for anyone at any age. A+ work.

Good Information But Annoying Host

Andrew Gaincola has an annoying voice and delivery. If you can get past that the information is generally pretty good.

Never too late, and here’s why!

Andrew is positive, engaging, and straightforward. As someone who saw little light at the end of the tunnel, due to poor saving/spending habits, I believed I would be entirely too dependent on Social Security. Andrew shows how it’s possible to secure financial freedom, even if you’ve wasted the opportunities presented in your youth. Listened daily on drives too and from work and got through 93 episodes in theee weeks.

Just what I have been searching for!

This podcast has been exactly what I have been looking for. Not only does it solidify some of my current practices but helps me to understand the why and the ins-and-outs to what does work and what doesn’t work! Easy to listen to and Andrew does a great job and putting everything in context that is applicable to everyone.

Simply excellent!!!

Excellent content, practical, straight to the point, easy to follow and easy to apply! Andrew takes the confusion, complexity and fear as a result (often the biggest deterrent for most folks) out of investing and overall money matters in general, and provides valuable advice that anyone can follow and put into practice. Exactly what I’ve been looking for for quite some time and so happy that I came across this podcast. Thank you, Andrew!

Great content

Amazing content and mindset shift with great examples and tips to accomplish it. First episode and already hooked!

This is It!

I’ve been on a journey to learn more about my personal finance and setting my family up for long term success. I came across this podcast randomly and this is it! Great advice with real actionable items you can follow and implement. Keep up the great work!

Awesome Podcast

I’ve been searching for a finance podcast for some time and happened to come across this one on Spotify and I absolutely love it. The advice is straight forward, practical and exactly where I am in my budgeting/income growth goal mindset. It is a step by step, take what you need for where you are in your journey type of coaching so you’ll always have something to take away and put in to practice.