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It’s a keeper!

Useful information with personal ambition behind it, Andrew’s information is helpful and succinct. He is a motivator and puts so much value and effort into his episodes. Love what you are doing!

Very Informative

Thank you so much! Very informative podcast!

Great Podcast!

There is so much great information on this podcast! Love listening to it!

I wrote this on 11/10/2022

Just started listening and liking it so far, I like his tone. Any way you could cut out the ads?

Love this Poscast

I absolutely love this podcast. You will find value no matter your level of financial IQ

Best podcast ever

This is by far my favorite podcast and personal finance resource. Andrew breaks things down and makes finance understandable and easy. I have gone back and listened to every single episode it’s that good. So grateful to have found this show. Thanks Andrew!!

So many golden nuggets each episode!!!!!

This podcast should be a requirement for an individual looking to expand their horizons and learn to invest, budget, and spend their money EFFECTIVELY

Easy to Follow and Thorough

I’ve only listened to a few episodes so far but find Mr. Giancola to be engaging, thorough, and easy to follow. I’ve already learned multiple insights from the 3-4 episodes I’ve listened to and plan to listen to more. Thanks!

Engaging Podcast!

This is such a great podcast and very valuable information. There are so many ways to get started in real estate investing and this episode delivers immense value!

The best!

This is the first podcast i can actually listen to and can’t wait to hear the next episode!! It’s truly addicting I find myself listening to it all day everyday. I’ve always had an interest about finance but never knew where to start and often times got lost in the lingo my online research provided. This podcast makes everything so easy to understand for people like me (a nurse) who know nothing about the finance world. I just wish I would have came across this about 10 years ago, no worries though I have shared it with my younger brother and sister so that they have a jump start! W

My boy’s got you covered!

Andrew explains everything in a very simple way to follow. He also tells you exactly what he does, which gives credibility to his word, and my boy is also entertaining and chill. He’s not boring or monotonous. Keep it up man!

Great Podcast

Andrew does a great job laying out a financial roadmap regardless of where you are on your financial journey. Valuable insights on building solid financial habits! Thank you!

Best personal finance podcast for beginners, intermediate, and experienced

The Personal Finance Podcast teaches us financial education. I’m so grateful I discovered this podcast, so I encourage people to leave a review if they feel the same way. The value taught in these episodes is inspiring and informative. Truly the best podcast for personal growth.

Lots of good info

I have been listening for a few weeks now, listening to old episodes as well as the latest. I am finding lots of good information on getting a handle on my finances as well as investments.

Great topics

Great show. Easy to understand for people with little to no finance understanding. Great insight on how to start, given no one start in the same position.

Great podcast

I’ve just discovered this podcast about a month ago. It’s fantastic. I even recommended it to my 25 year old son. Very useful. I’d like to ask the host if it’s possible to discuss financial roadmaps and advice /thoughts for folks who are about 4 years or so from retirement. The other end of the spectrum.

Thank you!

I been listening to this podcast for about 2 weeks now and and have learned so much! What an amazing financial tool to have if your just starting out with managing your money. Thank you again for everyone at The Personal Finance Podcast!!

Strong Financial Foundation

Just started listening earlier this year and have been blown away by the variety of different personal finance topics covered. Definitely a strong motivational boost to build my family’s wealth!

THE Best Personal Finance Podcast

It may be a little dramatic to say this podcast was life-changing for me, but honestly it’s not far from it. Andrew got me interested in taking control of my personal finances. He keeps the content interesting, and most importantly he’s excited and passionate about this stuff. I listen to other great personal finance podcasts, but Andrew is my #1 hype guy and I’m always happy to see a new episode drop. I know the ads can get annoying, but honestly the amount of value you get out of the podcast makes them worth it, and the skip button is your friend.

Finances Made Fascinating 🔥

Andrew does an incredible job of making financial management a fascinating task rather than a finicky chore! The great content and advice he provides, combined with the relatable way in which it’s delivered, had me hooked from the very first listen. Thanks for putting out such a stellar show, Andrew - keep up the great work!

Content is cluttered

Great content and I appreciate the newer focus on real estate. I listen while I commute and I wish I didn’t have 20% of the episode taken up by boring advertisements at the beginning and the middle, as well as the super long outro music. Other podcasts give me much more content for the same amount of time. I’m still a listener but this would definitely move up my rotation if it was streamlined a bit.

One of the best!

This is by far one of the best financial podcasts. His topics flow and are organized. Not a lot of blabbing on or filler talk. And his topics are relevant and information packed! Highly recommend!

Keeping it real!

Thank you for real life topics about finance. Keep charting the ways for us all to get wealth & more importantly, time freedom. I truly enjoy your podcasts, just wish you hade one daily to listen too. 😀💰🛥🏠💵

One of the best out here

Omg! He took one of the most prettifying topic of my generation and made it motivating and encouraging but not overwhelming. I love this dude. Great job! I’m really thankful for the knowledge you put out there that we are not given by the society or the family in my case.

Great communicator

I really enjoy listening to this podcast I find it very clear very easy to understand and most of all very knowledgeable I think the podcast host does a very good job explaining financial matters to the layman

Great podcast, right to the point!

I really enjoy this podcast, he is a good speaker, explains things very clearly and gets right to the point!

Motivational and Inspiring!

Andrew Giancola explores how guests approach their challenges and found answers along their journey to success. Truly inspiring, thank you.

Very helpful!

I just started listening to these podcasts & it makes me very motivated to start investing & paying off my debt! He’s very informative!

My first Finance podcast.

I got into personal finance related things because of the rich dad poor dad book and all the wealth of information I bought through books I would use at first and then I decided to search through some podcast to explore some shows that I might like to listen to while I work and I ended up on the personal finance podcast for my first one and I thoroughly enjoyed it and to this day I still enjoy it and I’m learning a lot so I gave it a five star rating because it is easy to listen to very informative and they do a great job!

Wow just a phenomenal podcast

Love this. Easy listening, cool host, young and enthusiastic. Highly recommend