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Mish Jones

Love this podcast 😍 Andrew gives great advice and tips for bettering your financial skills without making it overly complicated!

I wish You created this podcast 10 years ago!

I started working exactly 10 years ago and how I wish what I know now about personal finance started back then! But!! Thanks to Andrew for adding up to all my knowledge! Keep up the very good work!!

Right in my wheelhouse

Excellent podcast. Very rich and valuable content.

Love it

I am currently in school for financial planning and just stumbled upon on this jewel. After hearing the first few episodes I selected based on content, i ended up just starting at the beginning and listening to every episode. This show/host is highly relatable and constantly puts out current and relevant content. Its a must follow if you’re seeking to increase your financial knowledge.

Start listening to this podcast...yesterday

I wish I found this pod earlier. I have learned so much from it already. I’m in my mid-twenties and just starting out to have extra $$. Now I know where to put it! Thanks for all the help Andrew. You’re the absolute $@#% !!

I wish my college offered this! MUST WATCH

My girlfriend and my finances have greatly improved since listening to this podcast. As someone with a low attention span, he takes high level ideas and explains it in a way that is easy to understand. He also has enthusiasm which is great for what is normally a dry topic. Wish I could give 10 stars!

Fave podcast right now

I have never been interested in finance or learning about how to grow my wealth.. I have just been saving my money and hoping for the best. This podcast has changed that for me. The episodes are informative and easy to follow, and he teaches in a simple way without all the annoying fluff that a lot of podcasts have. I plan on listening to every single episode!

So simple

This guy makes investing so simple. Step-by-step instructions help guide even novice investors like me on the path of creating generational wealth. I started late (in my 40s) but even still, making aggressive contributions to retirement accounts has helped me to map out a comfortable future through retirement and beyond. Listen to all the podcasts or pick and choose the ones that you feel apply to your situation. You will find benefit wherever you look!!

Great Podcast

Just started listening last month and have been blown away by the variety of different personal finance topics covered. Definitely a strong motivational boost to build my family’s wealth.

Great podcast!

Found this podcast a couple months ago, a friend recommended it. Host is a total natural and does a great job of explaining the details of personal finances and wealth building. I look forward to every new episode now!


By far the best finance podcast I have found! The information is presented in a way that anyone can understand and the topics are incredibly useful.

Perfect Content

I’m in my mid 20s and listening to this show has motivated me to keep pushing my investing and saving goals and not feel bad about buying coffee lol

Fantastic podcast!

Not too long, not too short. The information is broken down simply and easy to digest. I didn’t expect to find a finance podcast that wasn’t boring but here we are.

Great actionable tips

Andrew has a multitude of great tips that are actionable that same day!

Great Content!

Andrew shares a wide variety of actionable strategies and tips, in a format that is very entertaining!

Thank you!

My wife and I are on the come up thanks to this podcast. Since paying off my student loans I’ve been itching to get my finances straight and this podcast was discovered at just the right time.

Very helpful!

I started listening to this podcast to figure out what my husband and I should be doing with our retirement planning and investments. I really needed to start from the beginning and have found this podcast very helpful and straightforward. I also would recommend to my nearly adult children as they get their first jobs. Great advice on how to start off on the right foot financially.

Awesome podcast!

So informative!! Easy to follow advice and I love his humor!!!

So straightforward!

I’m just getting started with my professional career and learning about my finances. This podcast has been soo helpful, clear, and really entertaining to listen to. He breaks everything down so we’ll and makes it seem achievable for everyone. My favorite finance podcast by far!

Simple Greatness

I am just getting exposed to being more aware of finances, investing, and just good money habits overall. This podcast is great and the content is so applicable and worth listening to! He does a good job explaining everything super well and if you have finance questions I would definitely listen to this podcast!


I’ve been in to building wealth and living debt free for a while now. I haven’t been so excited to be debt free and save my first 100k in a while. Not just one of my favorite podcasts, MY favorite podcast!

Informative podcast & excellent host

I truly enjoy listening to this podcast and learning from Andrew!! He has taught me several things and is always available on Instagram for personal questions!! Keep up the great work Andrew…it is appreciated!!!


I happen to choose a random podcast on Spotify and have been hooked ever since. I’ve literally listened to so many episodes and learned so much during my 10 hr shift at work. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. You’ve got a long time fan. You’ve opened up a whole new world of curiosity and research for me. Thank you.

Extremely Informative!

Hands down, this is the BEST personal finance podcast I have found (and I’ve listened to multiple podcasts). The host is extremely knowledgeable. He presents information on an easy to understand format without all the extra fluff so may other personal finance podcasts try to integrate. In 30 minutes I can listen to an episode of this podcast and actually have take-away information I can implement to better my financial situation. Very grateful I came upon this podcast!

Fantastic Podcast

I just found this podcast and listed to #68 first. This guy is to the point but still very thorough. He is extremely informative and knowledgeable about all aspects of investing. I can’t wait to go back and listen to the 67 prior episodes! Keep up the great work.

Tremendous Value for your time

Andrew brings a incredible positive energy, encouragement, and most importantly a wealth of knowledge that anyone can extract value from. I love how each episode is no more than 20-30 minutes long. Makes for a perfect commute to and from work so each day I can focus on learning a new concept that Andrew is teaching. If you’re interested in starting your journey to financial freedom, this is the place to start. Incredible ROI for your time. Thank you Andrew!

One of my favorite podcasts!

I absolutely love this podcast! Andrew breaks down otherwise complex topics into something that can be easily understood and applied. Always look forward to new episodes every week, keep up the great work Andrew!!

Best personal finance podcast!

This is the most helpful podcast on personal finance that I have listened to. Realistic and straightforward advice. Looking forward to new episodes!! Thank you

Tremendous podcast channel

Honestly the way he speaks is so good, it feels more like motivational channel than a podcast(in my opinion) he speaks with facts and with knowledge I have been investing more instead of savings, I learn about the 4% percent rule, Roth IRA, EFT, etc. overall highly recommend, the most that I like about this podcast is his hype voice, keep up the good work

Easy to understand!

I have learned so much with all episodes! Straight to the point on every topic, easy to understand and best of all not boring!